Monday, December 8, 2008

Abuelo's Little Girl

A Sad Sunday!!

Tears were flowing yesterday as we said goodbye to Abuelo and Abuela after a fun 2 1/2 month visit. Abuela is a very sensitive woman who cares very deeply about her family and Abuelo is a very serious and stern man whose heart was melted by Mari and Xavier. They both fell in love with Mari and Xavier and were heartbroken to say goodbye to them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanks Abuela!!

I have taken full advantage in watching my Abuela in the kitchen while she has been visiting us for the past 3 months from Mexico and I have finally mastered how to make homemade tortilla's!!!

I was so surprised to see my tortilla's start to bubble up just like Abuela's that I screamed with joy and hurried to get the camera so I could show you this:

Finally after looking like I poured a bag of flour on me, here is the end result:

They turned out great and tasted even better especially "con queso y creama" (with cheese and cream)!!!!