Friday, July 30, 2010

Xavier's 1st Dentist Appointment

Xavier had his first dentist appointment yesterday with Dr. Deyhar. He did great and had no cavities - YEAH!!!

I was a little worried how it would go because Xavier told me that when the Dr. asked him to open his mouth wide he was was going to stick out his tongue and make farting/spitting noises at him, and if you know Xavier this is something he would totally do! However, I was pleasantly surprised when he cooperated 100%. Xavier loved playing with the spit vacuum (aka - suction tube) which made him laugh uncontrollably.

The most exciting part of the visit was when Dr. Deyhar gave him a BLUE toothbrush and his very own travel size toothpaste!
Such a big boy!
Getting his teeth cleaned
Playing with the "spit vacuum"
Dr. Deyhar counting his teeth

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Xavier got a certificate at school a couple of days ago and when I asked him about it, here was our conversation:

ME: Great job Xavier - what did you get a certificate for?

XAVIER: Because I was a"STUPID STUDENT" (said with a big smile) as he handed me the certificate to look at.

ME: Xavier it says "SUPER STUDENT" not "STUPID STUDENT" ...and mommy is very proud of you!

It took everything I had a hold back my laughter!!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Relaxing but FUN weekend!

It was so hot on Saturday (110 degrees) that we decided to beat the heat by going bowling in the afternoon with Karen and Timmy.

Krista, Mari, Lily and Xavier
(sorry it is so dark but it is the best I got)
Mari and Krista striking a pose!
Debbie, Elena, and Karen came over on Saturday evening for some girl time and we had a blast! After we had a few Caribbean Coconut Rum with Lime and Pineapple Juice we became "COUGARS Unleased".
On Sunday we hit swimming pool for a few hours. Mari had a great time jumping off the diving board while Xavier jumped off the side about a million times.

Another highlight of the weekend was the HOOTERS T-shirt from Daytona Beach that The Barry's brought Juan home from vacation. He loves it as you can see from the picture.
Looking forward to what next weekend brings!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silver Diner Fun - 7/20/10

We went to Silver Diner last night for Kid's Night and had a blast hanging out with Karen, Timmy and Lily and Lee, Ali, Quinn and Tanner.

Pony's to Go (petting zoo/pony rides) was there as well as Ms. Carol the fabulous face painter and Ben the Balloon Man!

The kids had a great time and didn't want to leave!

My precious butterfly!
The cutest Spiderman ever!
Bobo Brother's (AKA Spiderman Xavier and Batman Quinn)
Two Beautiful Butterflies - Lily and MaryMari and TannerTanner and his signature smile!Rufus my blow up boy toy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Get-Away!!

A weekend away was just what the doctor ordered! We decided to head to Southern MD and do some exploring.

Our first stop - CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD

We spent most of the day at Chesapeake Waterpark. It was a lot of fun. Mari and Juan spent most of their time riding the slides while Xavier and I spent our time playing in the swallow part climbing on alligators, crabs and snakes and jumping in and out of the water falls! We all enjoyed relaxing together while riding on the lazy river.

Next Destination: NORTH BEACH, MD
After we got settled into the hotel and took showers we headed out to explore North Beach. It was quaint little town with cute little shops and a great ice cream shop! We walked on the pier and "people watched" and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Next Destination: SOLOMON'S ISLAND, MD
After a good night sleep we headed out to explore Solomon's Island. On our way there we got a flat tire, but we didn't let that stop us. Juan changed it and we are on our way.

Once we reached the island we drove around and enjoyed the scenery and found the Drum Hill Lighthouse. We went inside the light house, which was very interesting.

We are went to Calvert Marine Museum where we saw stingrays, starfish, turtles, crabs and various other fish. The kids also dug for fossils and shark teeth which they thought was very cool. They both found hammerhead sharks teeth that they got to bring home!

After the museum we took a one-hour boat cruise on the Patuxent River on the William B. Tennison that provided great view of Solomon's Island.

Mari and Xavier really enjoyed the boat ride and even got to drive the boat for a few a minutes.

Here are a few more pictures from our time at Solomon's Island:

Island's famous "Tiki Bar"
Juan & Xavier on the William B. Tennison
Governor Thomas Johnson BridgeMy Cute Pie
Mari posing with some local art work
Amy, Mari & Xavier on the Boardwalk
Juan, Mari & Xavier on the Boardwalk
We had a great time and made many fun family memories!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Fun Night at Pirate's Cove

Last night we went to Family Fun Night at Pirate's Cove with the girls scouts! It was a great time catching up with my mommy friends while Mari and Xavier had a great time playing/swimming with friends!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July!!

We spent the 4th of July at my brother Randy's and SIL Sue's house. We went swimming and cooked sausage and hot dogs over the fire. The best part of the meal was making SMORES - yummmmm!!

Mari & Xavier LOVED the pool!
Mari trying on her new outfit from Uncle Butch & Aunt Linda
Xavier had a great time playing with the dogs!
Look how well behaved they are!
Here is a video of Mari and Xavier jumping in the pool, which Xavier must of done about 100+ time over the course of the day!

In the evening we went to my brother Mark's and SIL Karen's house to watch fireworks! A great day was had by all!!!